Who we are?

ATLAS COMMERCE & ENERGY L.L.C has been established under the law of Sultanate of Oman with registration No. of 1296560, located existed and running in Rusail industrial zone Oman , already recognized as one of the well-known producer and exporter of various grade of Bitumen in the region. The products of Atlas Commerce & Energy export to more than 45 countries in the world as well as local market of Oman.

bellow facilities are those strengths of Atlas Commerce & Energy in the market:

  • Production plants
  • Bitumen carrier with fleet of 5 vessels
  • Storage tanks
  • Truck fleet
  • Packing plant for the Drum, Jumbo bag and Bitutainer
  • QC Laboratories

What is our Differentiation

We have an integrated and inclusive business model that has served us, our team and our clients well, as ACE has grown rapidly, expanding into new market and regions throughout the world. The real key to our success is the way we bring things together. We operate a downstream business, where we distribute and sell our products through our retail, wholesale and business-to-business relationships; and this is connected seamlessly to our midstream operations, through which we manage vast quantities of bituminous products, produce, store them safely and transport them to wherever needed in the world.


We have great experience in production and supply chain management in different countries. Our network enables us to avail all benefits related to a comprehensive global market assessment for your project needs.


ACE can cumulatively manage every phase of the supply process from product development, production, sourcing, customer returns, warehousing and logistics by our own fleet. This end-to-end service ensures constant supply while supporting our clients in sourcing their needs in line with their long term plans.


Our mission is to get the customer satisfaction by providing best quality products, quick services and technical support. Compliance with the international standards is a key to reach the height of quality.

Why you can rely us?


ACE is providing everything that an international business needs in one convenient package – producing, transporting, operate, – by ACE professionals… Collaboration with the main transport companies, in addition, the strategic position of our representative offices enables us to expeditiously reach andiy part in the world in less than no time.


Working hand in hand with our customers, we are able to pick up ideas and trends as soon as they arise. This is the engine that drives the development of our innovative and high-quality service. Our solutions create a value-added that benefits our customers. Thanks to our close-knit consulting and servicing network. We quickly recognize market trends and implement them in cooperation with our customers.


Competence means putting know-how into practice. In the course of human evolution, people who do consult, acquire more knowledge. ACE draws on expertise and experience from various fields and industries. By applying this knowledge to the development of tools and services, we enable our clients to achieve best practice results.


Achieving the first place among the private bitumen producers in the Middle East Increasing the quality of bitumen as per customer needs Gaining a leading position in the market, Producing and exporting 3 million tons of bitumen by 2025, Achieving the latest technology in the world for bitumen production


The missions of Atlas Commerce & Energy is to produce different grades of bitumen with the highest quality and suitable/ competitive price. meet the construction companies needs is the most important task for Atlas Commerce and Energy and make the custumers and stockholders satisfy.


With due attention to the current state of the country, some of the main goals of Atlas Commerce & Energy are as follows : Development of the oil industry in the private sector, the satisfaction of domestic and foreign customers, quality improvement, variety increment, improvement of the export and production

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